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Buy DFI – Where do you buy your DFI?

In the DeFiChain ecosystem, there are now very many ways to buy DFI and DeFiChain-based tokens. We are currently aware of the following platforms:

  • Exchanges for cryptocurrencies – Bittrex & KuCoin
    The most popular way to buy cryptocurrencies remains buying on a central cryptocurrency exchange. However, in order to use DFI, there must be at least one transaction to Cake or your own wallet.
  • DeFi Platform – CakeDeFi
    The simplest way to get into DeFiChain is to buy DFI, Bitcoin, or Ethereum through a DeFi platform like CakeDeFi and then use the platform’s services for staking, liquidity mining, and lending.
  • FIAT On-ramp – DFX.Swiss
    The most anonymous way to buy DFI is through the FIAT on-ramp from DFX.Swiss. After a one-time configuration you can easily buy DFI via SEPA transfer and get the DFI directly to your destination address – no matter if one-time transfer or standing order.
  • DeFiChain Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
    Already own Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or USDC and want to exchange them for DFI? Then use CakeDeFi to convert your cryptocurrencies into tokens on the DeFiChain and then exchange them for DFI on DEX – in the process, you’ll also get to know the full potential of the DeFiChain right away!

Buy & Sell DFI – The ultimate overview (by DFX.Swiss)

Created by DFX.Swiss

Comparison of the individual providers


User Experience

Fair Pricing

Coins / Token

Fees - Buy

Fees - Sell


DeFiChain DEX


0 - 1,99%

nicht möglich


DeFiChain DEX

DFI, dBTC, dETH, dLTC, ...

0,5 - 0,7%
(in future
2,7 - 3,2%)

2,7 - 3,2%


Partly illiquid


0,75% + Transaction fees

0,75% + Transaction fees


Partly illiquid


0,2% + Transaction fees

0,2% + Transaction fees

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