General Information

In this blog post we would like to introduce the tool , which is intended to make using DeFiChain even easier and provide detailed overviews of your own assets.

Igor Shelkovenkov offers several tools on his website to get a better overview of your own assets at DefiChain. The website is open-source and the code can be accessed at any time via Github . There are also 6 different languages available (DE, NL, EN, RU, ES, FR) and numerous different currency displays. The functions offered include a dashboard , an overview of all your own assets and liabilities, an income calculator including forecasts , an overview of the price development of DFI, various DeFiChain statistics and trading views and other calculators . In order to be able to use the functions, you must first enter your own wallet address in the settings at the bottom left.

After successful entry, a small overview of current stocks is displayed on the right-hand side. In the settings you can also decide whether the data is retrieved live via the wallet or whether you prefer to enter the stocks manually without a wallet. Furthermore, the refresh period can be used to decide how often the data is updated.

Investments in liquidity pools, staking and other stocks can be displayed graphically and analogously via the dashboard (home button top left). In addition, it is also calculated how high the respective income is over certain periods of time (minutes to a year). The stocks and income rates displayed can also be displayed in more detail in the functions below and broken down into the income of the individual pools.

In the next step, various forecasts for your own payouts can be created. Various periods of time and the frequency of reinvesting can be selected. The orange bar shows the monthly earnings in DFI if reinvested and the light blue bar if no reinvestments are made.

The four other functions can be used independently of your own wallet. This includes trading charts on the various cryptocurrencies and derivatives offered on DeFiChain. Furthermore, various statistics such as the respective trading volume, total value locked, respective reward rates and much more can be displayed. Finally, a calculator is also available in which fictitious calculations for staking or liquidity mining can be carried out.

DeFiChain-income therefore offers numerous functions with which various overviews of your own assets can be displayed and, above all, the forecast development of the rewards can be calculated. In addition, the website bundles other practical functions such as various calculators and trading charts in one place.